Monday, February 13, 2006

Hey Mom! Well, this past week has been insane! I've been reading and studying for hours every feels like finals week! I have an exam tomorrow, on Valentine's Day! How romantic! But then after the exam I get to leave for my Tennessee visit! So that is the light at the end of my dark and dreary study tunnel! Are you going to visit Julie soon? I love you and I'll give you a call some time!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Curruent Life of Your Daughter:

Mom! I'm so sorry that I have not been following through with this blog stuff! I really do think it is a sweet idea to keep us up on each other's lives...especially for after college when I'm in the great southern state of Tennessee!!! So what's going on in my life that I can tell you about...well, I miss Logan like crazy! He talked to Kyle two weeks ago, and it went so well! Logan and I were both nervous about how Kyle would react, but when Logan talked to him Kyle couldn't have been more excited! So that is extremely encouraging! Logan has been telling other people as well (his parents, his best friend, other people in the church he works with) and not only do they all think it is really obvious but they are all really excited and think we are a "great match." I really want you to meet him! I think you'll really like him!!! I'm going down to TN next Tuesday and staying for a few days! I have nothing going on in my classes and will have just taken a few tests and quizzes, so it will work out really well for me to go for a visit!

Rooming with Katie has been such a blessing this semester! She is wonderful, mom! She and I have so much fun together! It is really helping me through my last year of's nice to come back to a room where I know that there is someone there I can talk to who will listen!! Plus Katie and I are like two peas in a pod! Everyone is commenting on how inseperable we are, how we are molding into the same person, and how well we work together! She is quickly becoming a rediculously close friend! If using the term "best friend" wasn't so middleschoolish then I think I would actually use the term for her!

School is going well! My classes are ok, and while I am busy I am able to handle it all! Too bad though that my hardes semester had to be my last one! Working for Dr. Bibza and Dr. Spradley has been a hoot! They are so wonderful to work for, and it's been so easy to just put in an hour or so every doesn't get in the way of school work and it's nice to get a little extra cash!

I wrote Heather a monster of a letter the other day (4 pages, front and back, with my tiny handwriting). She got it two days ago, loved it, and can't wait to write back! I miss that girl so much! Even though she was kinda distant our last two years I still love her so much! Every now and then it hits me that she isn't here and it hurts to think about!

Katie and I decided to not do any work on the Sabbath this semester! It's nice to sit in church and not be worried about what I need to get done in the afternoon! I have just been enjoying church more, taking a nap after church, reading my Bible, calling grandma and grandpa, etc. Plus it makes me more productive throughout the week!

Well, I am sure there is more I could catch you up on, but I have to go study for my quiz today!

I love you, mom!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dear Mom,

I love you with all my heart! We have shared so many things over the years...eye color, boldness, inteligence, creativity, passion for life, love of travel...but one thing I long to share more with you is how I am growing in our Lord! That's why I created this blog for us. We now each have a Bible that is in chronological order that is also divided into daily readings! I would love if we would each do a reading every day and then post our thoughts about what we read and gleaned from the Word! I hope and pray that this will be an interesting and fun way for us to stay connected over the next year, wherever we may be! I am really looking forward to checking our blog every day to see what we have learned and also to read your thoughts and prayers for the day! I hope that this will grow us together and strengthen our relationship on a new level! I love you, mom!